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Elaf’s successful marketing tour finishes in Malaysia and Indonesia

The Elaf Group of Companies recently capped off its successful marketing tour which aimed at recognizing the significant contributions made by its agents in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The marketing tour, which started in November this year, was directed to increasing more awareness on the diverse tour package offerings of the Elaf Group of Companies.

According to the company’s senior executives, Elaf’s dealers based outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) have performed excellently over the last few months-with significant contributions that have led to an increase in tourists going on pilgrimage to the Kingdom during the recent Hajj and Umrah seasons.

The Elaf Group has recently revealed its move to expand its presence and reach out to other countries outside the region that also have a large Muslim population. In line with this initiative, Elaf has also moved to partner with more agents and operators to offer and promote its travel offerings to a wider audience. The company’s recently concluded marketing tour is also aimed towards the further development of the Kingdom’s tourism segment, particularly tourism for religious purposes.

The success of Elaf Group is closely linked with the performance of its valued dealers across the region, which makes it important for the group to reward and motivate them–especially those who perform consistently Year-on-Year (YoY).

The outstanding performance of the dealers during this hajj season was another example of how they share Elaf’s vision for quality and excellence, which are central to its sustained success.