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EMC signs cooperation agreement with Supreme Council of Universities

Company Works On Preparing Next Generation of Specialists in Information, Storage Solutions, and Cloud Computing Technologies

EMC signed an agreement with the Supreme Council of Universities to include several Egyptian universities and colleges to the EMC Academic Alliance Program so as to educate students in IT services and key considerations in the transfer of applications and business technologies to the cloud, and to conduct an in-depth exploration of the benefits of virtualization technology.

According to this agreement EMC is committed to the completion of training in courses of various colleges from 50 Egyptian universities by December 2015. EMC designed its central laboratory to train students on cloud technologies and equip them with technical skills in collaboration with VMware to complete their chosen fields of study. EMC provides access to the virtual laboratories – developed by EMC team with SCU Academic Institutions Engineers – so as to seek collaboration with academic institutions in order for their students to obtain the EMC² Certified Associate, Professional and Advanced Professional which could enable employment in firms which need skilled workers in virtualization and cloud computing.

EMC is also committed to providing comprehensive training material, including explanations of the session, facilitator guides, student exercises and case studies. EMC provides gathering of college student online through educational materials, the forum of networks, and the educational resources portal for students, and helps to suggest topics for graduation projects so as to enhance the practical knowledge of the student. According to the agreement the trainee gets EMC’s Academic Participant free certificate.

It is worth mentioning that the EMC Academic Alliance Program aims at preparing the next generation of specialists in Information Technology to assume a successful career in the ever-changing field of Information and Communication Technology. The program has qualified more than 175,000 students since its inception in 2006 and it serves in more than 1,100 colleges and universities in over 60 countries.

This trend started by EMC comes to expand its training programs directed to the Egyptian youth, while speeding up the pace of its transition to cloud computing. EMC is helping IT departments to store, manage and protect their invaluable assets in a more flexible and reliable manner as well as at a reasonable cost.

Ahmed Hassan, Vice director, electronic and knowledge services center, Supreme Council of Universities.

“The alliance between the Supreme Council of Universities and EMC is an excellent model of cooperation between industry and technology and the academic sectors to establish a new generation of specialists who are liable to push knowledge-based economy in the future. It is an honor that I collaborated with EMC to provide an opportunity for our students to keep up emerging trends in Information and Communication Technology sector. I look forward to strengthen this alliance and to work together so as to qualify the best specialists in the field of Information Technology in Egypt and the region. “

Mohamed Talaat, Vice President, EMC Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt & Libya
“The main objective of the EMC Academic Alliance Program in Egypt is to refine the skills and experiences of young graduates and to inform them of the new technologies, as well as direct close contact to the labor market and its requirements. The most prominent of the benefits provided by the program is to provide free training opportunities carried out by highly trained and efficient expertise. In addition, trainees participate in workshops which are designed specifically for them with the possibility of finding job opportunities for young graduates and holders of EMC certificates. Students and researchers gain direct experience in the virtual environment and technologies for large data by attending courses at the premises of their colleges. I am also happy with this agreement which comes as a result of the successes achieved by the company over the past years with the government and Egyptian universities. EMC will also provide – as a part of the agreement – training courses for trainers through video, and will allow teaching staff and employees to participate in the EMC programs open registry “.