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Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, “trump-eting” travel safety

Emirates Airline will attempt to kick off another successful journey in 2018 by flying UAE supporters to attend the final of the Arabian Gulf Cup in Kuwait on a special A380 aircraft.

That will be another safely coordinated flight, one of many over its history of never having an in-flight fatality.

However, it seems that the Airline can never have enough of security measures on its agenda, as if it is trumpeting its own success with this issue, à la US President Donald Trump.

What prompted this newest announcement?

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Security agreement

Security tops the Emirates Airline’s agenda in 2018, especially after the company was rated with seven stars by Airline Ratings, an industry travel reference.

Emirates and Etihad recently signed a cooperation agreement to share information, intelligence, security training and education programs.

“Security is one of the foremost priorities of the global aviation industry,” said a statement by Emirates Airlines.

“Over the years, Emirates Group Security has built strong expertise and capabilities to successfully navigate the complex landscape of security risks and threats in aviation. Through this agreement, Emirates Group Security will collaborate with Etihad Aviation Group to share know-how and extend aviation security services in order to better handle shared challenges, which ultimately benefits travellers,” it added.

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While security is a top concern for the aviation industry, it needs to maintain high revenues and derive profitability throughout the year, and 2018 began in a robust way.

IBM-Emirates Cooperation

IBM And Emirates signed a ten-year $85 million managed services agreement whereby IBM will manage Emirates’ backup environment and implement a private cloud solution at the airline’s two data centers in Dubai.

IBM will also provide data center networking services to enable employees to have access to Emirates’ core IT environment and business critical applications remotely, at any time of the day, regardless of their geographical location.

“Under the new agreement, Emirates will benefit from a resilient, scalable and agile service, as well as operational savings,” said Amr Refaat, General Manager at IBM Middle East and Pakistan.

Special offers

Emirates announced special offers on Economy and Business class fares to a wide range of cities across the globe.

To benefit from offers, bookings have to be made by January 22 for travel between January 12 and November 30, according to a statement by the company.

The statement said that all-inclusive Economy Class fares from Dubai started at AED825 ($224) to Middle East destinations, AED905 to South Asian destinations, AED1,365 to Africa, AED1,765 to Asia Pacific, AED2,055 to Europe and AED3,535 to North and South America.

All-inclusive Business Class fares from Dubai start at AED2,595 to South Asian destinations, AED2,895 to Middle East destinations, AED5,295 to Africa, AED8,095 to Asia Pacific, AED10,305 to Europe and AED15,605 to North and South America, it added.

The excitement that the airline is showing this year reflects a stunning positive end of 2017.

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Outstanding figures

Since January 2017, Emirates has carried more than 59 million passengers. It registered more than 3,600 passenger flights on average per week, or more than 191,000 flights in 2017, travelling more than 886 million kilometres around the globe, which is equivalent to more than 16,000 trips to Mars.

The company grew its fleet by 21 new aircraft in 2017, with nine A380 and 12 Boeing 777-300ER deliveries, rounding off the year with 269 aircraft and 243 aircraft pending deliveries.

Emirates expanded its network to 156 destinations in 2017, with the addition of three new passenger destinations: Newark, USA via Athens, Zagreb, Croatia and Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

 Brand success

Emirates also continued to invest in its brand. In August, Emirates extended its title partnership with the prestigious FA Cup through to 2021.

In that same month, the airline renewed its European Tour Agreement for another four years. The new deal includes Emirates becoming an official partner of the 2018 Ryder Cup, an event which brings together 24 of the top golfers from Europe and the USA.

In October, Emirates launched a $15 million campaign to inspire travel and promote the airline’s extensive network of global destinations including its home, Dubai.