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Emirates places Dubai at the center of global travel

Dubai is aiming to be the happiest place on earth, as part of a larger smart Dubai 2021 Initiative.

Emirates Airlines was happy to oblige and launched starting October 15 a $15 million campaign to promote Dubai as a hub that inspires fun travel for global destinations, thus a major node for connecting the world.

According to the 2017 World Economic Forum report on the Middle East and North Africa, Dubai has in the last two decades succeeded in transforming itself into a global city and a regional business and tourism hub.

Dubai also places the UAE among the Top 10 Globalisation Hotspots in DHL’s Global Connectedness Index (GCI).

“The UAE, therefore, features among the top 10 most connected countries in the world, the highest rank achieved by any GCC country,” said the February 2017 report.

Emirates had struggled to make a profit over the 2016-2017 FY, and a smart advertising, like this one, could only help it attract new business, in a year that witnessed new partnerships arise with flydubai as well as old ones renew with Quantas.

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Feel Good promotional video

Fly along from Australia to China or take a safari into Africa’s wilderness, while listening to the soundtrack “Don’t stop me now” by British rock band Queen, as it was found, in a scientific study, to be the most uplifting or “feel-good” tune on the UK charts in the past 50 years.

The campaign ad zooms in and out from the airline’s on-board features that showcase high service and entertainment levels and that smartly link to fun, group and family-based activities across the globe.

The ad ends with Dubai as a focal point connecting the world.

Boutros Boutros, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications, Marketing and Brand, said: “Emirates operates more than 500 flights that connect Dubai to the world, and the world through Dubai.  Since day one, Emirates has proudly and actively promoted our hub. Dubai offers a great experience at our world-class airport, and the city has become a top global destination because it continually invests to bring new attractions and supporting infrastructure for international visitors.”

He added: “At Emirates we believe that people…want to be inspired, to discover, and to have fun. That is why we chose to use the Queen soundtrack, and a creative approach that was uplifting and energetic, to remind people of the excitement of travel.”

Emirates is no doubt a powerful carrier. It is unique in its size in the region and will always look to take to the skies with ideas aimed at financially keeping it in the black.

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