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Emirates Post Group delegation visits FedEx Dubai to study best practices

A delegation from Emirates Post Group recently visited “FedEx” offices in Dubai with the aim of benchmarking and identifying best practices in security management.

The delegation, consisting of representatives from the department of safety management and inspection, and led by Mr. Jassim Al-Awadhi, Director of the Department of Safety and Inspection, was received by Mr. Christo, Director of FedEx.

The delegation was taken on an orientation tour of the services provided by “FedEx” and introduced to the procedures for screening parcels and security systems used in FedEx, and ways of handling suspicious packages. The Emirates Post Group officials provided a detailed explanation on the procedures and safety regulations, security and inspection associated with the packages and the working environment in the Group.

In conclusion, Jassem Al-Awadhi thanked FedEX for sharing with the Group its benchmarking practices and expertise in security measures. Mr. Cristo commended the efforts of Emirates Post Group to enforce security and raise awareness of safety in and outside the work environment as part of efforts to protect the public and the consumers.