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Emirati student shines at Toyota Dream Car Art Contest in Japan

9-year old from the UAE wins first ever Engineering Inspiration Award at the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest in Japan

Eight months following the launch of the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest in the UAE, which saw tremendous success with more than 1,000 local entries in the competition’s first iteration in the country and more than 875,000 global entries, one of the shortlisted entries has been awarded the first ever “Engineering Inspiration Award” at the competition finals that were held in Japan just last month.

Supported by Al-Futtaim Motors, exclusive distributor of Toyota in the UAE, Minhal Adnan Sami, aged 9, won the Engineering Inspiration Award for her Ecofix Car, a vehicle that runs of fruit and vegetable compost, and is able to reuse the compost to grow food in villages and rural areas, thus helping people and the environment.

The Engineering Inspiration Award – granted to the entry that most inspires Toyota’s automobile production staff has been newly established this year. Unlike other entries, the winner of this category, the “Ecofix Car”, was converted into a 3D clay model by Toyota’s Prototype Production Division. Along with all winning entries, the clay model will be exhibited at Toyota facilities throughout Japan over the course of one year.

“Following the tremendous support from across the participating schools in the UAE, we were very excited to see how we fared in this global competition. Minhal’s entry was a very strong one, getting not only shortlisted for the competition in Japan, but also becoming the inaugural winner of the brand new Engineering Inspiration Award category,” said Saud Abbasi, Managing Director, Al-Futtaim Motors.

“Competing with 875,000 entries from81countries, our local talent proved that inspiration can truly come from every corner of the world and from every walk of life. Our young artists had some fantastic efforts that addressed societal issues and sustainable eco-vehicles to keep our planet green, and we’re very pleased that our first ever participation resulted in such an impressive award.”

Since 2004, Toyota has asked children from around the world to put their creativity to work in creating their Dream Cars. The results range from the impressively practical to the downright unusual, but most importantly they all show abundant imagination, and they are all unique. Not only do they give inspiration on what new cars to make, they also remind Toyota the kind of responsible global citizen it should be.

The response to this year’s contest was overwhelming: Toyota received a record total of over 875,000 artworks from 81 countries and regions. National Contests were held until March 2015, with selected entries progressing to the World Contest in May 2015. World Contest entries were judged by Toyota President Akio Toyoda and a panel of outside experts in art and automotive science, and winners were invited to Japan for the award ceremony in August.

The 10thedition of the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest will start at the end of 2015 for next year’s competition. Al-Futtaim Motors will announce details of the competition in the near future, including details on accepting new entries and the categories.

The winning entries selected in each country will be entered into the world contest. Gold, silver, bronze, and special award winners will be selected across the three age categories with an awards ceremony scheduled for August 2016.