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entourage wins Egypt Tourism Authority account

Agency secures integrated account to promote ‘MisrOrayba’ 2015 in MENA.

entourage marketing & events formally announced the launch of the 2015 integrated media campaign to promote Egypt’s tourism offerings in the Arab markets.

The most anticipated tourism campaign of the regionwas supported and hailed by a large number of journalists from the region, senior dignitaries from Egypt government, celebrities and VIPs who had gathered at a glittering ceremony in Dubai Ballroom, JW Marquis Hotel at the start of the week.

In his opening speech, His Excellency Khaled Rami said that he is happy that confidence has been restored and Arab tourism inflows to Egypt is on the rise once again. Security and safety is in safe hands as a result tourists can enjoy the Egyptian hospitality they love, once again. In his speech at the launch ceremony, His Excellency revealed positive figures that highlight Egypt’s tourism growth. Tourism inflows from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE registered excellent increase in 2014 and we are looking forward to welcome all the Arab tourism.

Mohammed Tayem, Managing Director of entourage said, “Over the next six months and beyond, we have plans to take Egypt closer to the Arabic speaking audience. ‘MisrOrayba’ campaign will be active in GCC countries as well as Jordan, Lebanon and North African markets including Morocco. The campaign is inspired by the insight that Egypt is close to every Arab heart, strong connections of language, customs and traditions apart, Egypt is in close proximity to the Arab countries. The campaign is a result of in-depth market research and media analysis which are the foundations of the marketing plan, and it will showcase Egypt across strategic media channels including television, outdoor, magazines, radio and digital advertising as well as social media platforms.”

Tourism inflows from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE registered outstanding increase in 2014, this trend is expected to grow in the coming months. entourage was responsible for implementing the popular ‘MisrWahashtona’ awareness campaign in 2014, the campaign delivered on its core objectives and helped in turning around the tourism sector, creating an excellent launchpad for 2015.