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Etisalat Group enables mobile connect service to help customers manage digital identity and protect privacy

Etisalat Group, the leading telecommunications operator in Middle East, Africa and Asia, announced the activation of Etisalat’s Mobile Connect service,available across the majority of its global operations enabling mobile identity services to its customers for secured authentication on websites and mobile applications.

Khalifa Al Shamsi, Chief Digital Services Officer at Etisalat Group,said: “Every mobile user has a unique global mobile identity through their phone number. Currently, throughout the telecoms industry, mobile operators are working closer than ever to use this identity to provide a broad range of advanced and innovative services. From website log-in management to digital signature,the phone number is increasingly becoming the secure digital identity.”

“Etisalat Mobile Connect”streamlines and secures the various digital environments users would engage in on daily basis, and also complements government’s initiatives towards delivering smart cities and eGovernment services.

Instead of relying on passwords, mobile users will now be able to use their mobile phones to authenticate their login to any device and service. Etisalat uses the latest Open ID Connect technology to protect the customer’s data, creating another layer of security.

This level of user control extends to notifications, which keeps the systems up to date with a real time recent activity feed – no matter what platform a customer’s account is signed into, the users always have full visibility and control.

Mr. Al Shamsi explained: “With digital identity solutions becoming ever more necessary for consumer access to digital content services, eCommerce, eHealth, eGovernment services, online banking and more, consumers are faced with the challenge of managing multiple log in credential combinations.Consumers are asking for convenience, security and privacy, protecting their digital identities, to make it easier and safer to use digital services. Etisalat is now perfectly positioned to address this challenge through Mobile Connect services.”

Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer, GSMA added: “As our world becomes increasingly connected, consumers are rightly concerned about the security of their digital identity as they access more and more information from a wide range of online services. Etisalat and the global MNO community are uniquely positioned to deliver new and tangible value to consumers, application developers, merchants and government agencies alike”.

Antony Beswick, head of Ericsson’s Etalio Initiative (Mobile Connect Accelerator Platform), explained: “As we move into a world dominated by smart phones, OTT applications, fragmented social media and competition for big data, the global ecosystem is looking for a fresh approach to personal data – our view is that Mobile Connect services will prove to be the future.”

Gaining access to the service is simple – users can sign in via any supported website or app (look for the Mobile Connect button) using their mobile phone number. The account is then unlocked through the mobile phone, allowing a user to create a new mobile identity to discover, manage, and keep track of all connected websites and apps.