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Etisalat, Huawei to unveil First White Paper in MENA about Future Network of 2020

The “Etisalat - 2020 Landscape” White Paper is just one of a variety of joint initiatives being undertaken through the companies’ partnership.

Etisalat Group- the leading telecoms operator in emerging markets – and Huawei – a leading global ICT solutions provider – have announced the launch of a joint White Paper entitled “Etisalat – 2020 Landscape” on the future network architecture framework and its implications on operations and organization. The White Paper will be a first for the region.

The launch of Etisalat – 2020 Landscape White Paper follows an agreement made between the two companies earlier this year at MWC2015 Barcelona for a joint innovation program focused around the concept of Network2020. The companies believe that the year 2020 will require a different telecom networks to address customers’ needs and this innovative work on network infrastructure will provide the advanced technology platform to deliver intelligent, quicker, more reliable advanced services.

Hatem Bamatraf, Chief Technology Officer at Etisalat Group said: “This is the foremost technology White Paper being published from Middle East and Africa and, therefore, positions Etisalat Group at the forefront of technology leadership in emerging markets. It provides a basis from which Etisalat Group can meet the challenges of our diverse customers for more efficient and effective future network infrastructure. Working with our long-standing international partner, Huawei, Etisalat Group is committed to translating the 2020 vision into a reality.”

“Etisalat and Huawei have been collaborating for over a decade to launch innovative technologies and services. Pursuant to Network2020 MoU signed during 2015 Mobile World Congress; we set out to assist Etisalat in outlining their future network framework architecture vision and produce a 5 year roadmap to realize this vision. We believe future network and operation goals, presented in this whitepaper will enable Etisalat to offer better and innovative user experience and services over the next decade.” says Alan Wang, President of Huawei Etisalat Global Key Account.

The White Paper underlines the vision of Etisalat Group to harness its technological vision and key industry advances to provide innovative premium and differentiated service experiences for customers. The adaption of new architecture and processes outlined in White Paper will enable Etisalat Group to devise a practical 5-year road-map for the adaption of SDN and NFV technologies. It also provides a detail understanding of the impact of SDN/NFV adaption on the existing platform and processes. This will greatly assist Etisalat Group to facilitate a smooth transformation so customers will be able to enjoy existing and innovative new ICT services more rapidly and with the best in reliability and quality.

The announcement to launch the White Paper was made during SDN Open Flow work congress in Dusseldorf, Germany. The “Etisalat – 2020 Landscape” White Paper is just one of a variety of joint initiatives being undertaken through the companies’ partnership. Following the launch of the White Paper, Etisalat Group and Huawei will continue to collaborate to accomplish the network and operations architecture outlined in the White Paper through further initiatives for SDN/NFV technology. This builds upon a long-standing partnership, which has enabled Etisalat Group to bring a number of technology firsts to the region. Huawei has supported Etisalat Group on a number of such milestones, including a joint cooperation plan to explore and deploy super-speed 5G mobile broadband services.