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Etisalat turns to Green Energy to reduce UAE’s carbon footprint

Etisalat, the region’s leading telecom operator, announced its goals and initiatives to earnestly adopt cleaner technologies for power generation and energy efficiencies for sustainable development and reduction of carbon footprint in the UAE.

Among several recent initiatives undertaken by the company to reduce environmental impact of traditional energy sources, it collaborated with the UAE’s electricity utility providers to connect grid power for more than 100 mobile network sites, which were operating on diesel generators.

Etisalat has also switched to more efficient cooling systems for its mobile sites, substantially reducing the electrical load requirement and consumption. Furthermore, to ensure highest network efficiencies with lower power consumption, Etisalat has undertaken modernisation of its legacy network with advanced high-end equipment.

Fulfilling its corporate responsibility towards a green future of the UAE, Etisalat has teamed up with global and local energy efficiency leaders to develop jointly renewable energy products and solutions that are also environmentally sustainable. Etisalat has also signed a string of recent partnerships with local and international leaders in green energy solutions to ensure increased energy efficiencies at its mobile network sites.

The company is implementing innovative alternate solutions, including the HYBRID power solution, to reduce fuel consumption and dependence on diesel generators at its mobile sites. For remote locations in the desert, islands and country borders, Etisalat is using solar energy to power its mobile network sites. An architectural landmark at Etisalat’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi is taking shape as part of the company’s efforts to invest in sustainable solutions that support the development of solar power generation in the UAE. Etisalat’s green initiatives align with the government’s efforts to reduce environmental impact of modern living and rapid industrial and technological developments.

Etisalat’s Emirates Energy Star (EES) programme, introduced in strategic partnership with Pacific Control has resulted in reducing 20% of energy consumed and 20% of carbon footprint of the UAE. Etisalat’s Emirates Energy Star programme involves retrofitting existing buildings with M2M systems to increase energy efficiency through Managed Energy Monitoring Services. Besides the obvious cost savings for the end user in the form of lower energy utility bills, the Emirates Energy Star programme helps decrease pollution, water consumption and resultant waste.

Etisalat’s new fibre-optic fixed line infrastructure deployed across the country has cut the amount of carbon dioxide produced by more than 80% and reduced energy consumption by more than 70%. In the long term, Etisalat will continue to develop environmentally friendly solutions as part of its corporate responsibility to gear the country with the best technology in the world, and to support a sustainable future.