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Beirut to host the Middle East’s first e-MotorShow for electric vehicles!

e-EcoSolutions brings the Middle East its first-ever electric motor show, dubbed the e-MotorShow, where audiences will be in for a taste of the future.

Many big car brands will be showcasing their latest vehicles, including Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, GAC, Hyundai and Jaguar An e-circuit will be open to the public to test drive select vehicles at the show The event will hold tech talks where experts will discuss various e-mobility topics

Beirut will host the First e-MotorShow® in the Middle East for Electric & Hybrid Cars from 11 to 15 April 2019 at the Forum De Beyrouth. This was announced on Wednesday 27 March 2019 during a press conference at the Lebanese Ministry of Environment.

The e-MotorShow® Middle East is organized by e-EcoSolutions Sustainability Firm, under the patronage of the Minister of Environment Fady Jraissati, in collaboration with the AIA (Association des Importateurs d’ Automobiles au Liban), and with the Title sponsorship of Medco. 

It includes 3 main platforms: 

1. A Show of Electric & Hybrid Cars by the different leading car brands (including Audi, BMW, BYD, Chevrolet, GAC, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Renault, Volvo).

2. An e-Mobility Tech-Talks Platform featuring local and international speakers and panel sessions on various e-mobility topics.

3. An e-Circuit for Test Drives Indoor and Outdoor, allowing all visitors to Test-drive “noise-free” and “emissions-free” electrified vehicles.

The Minister of Environment, Fady Jreissati, said: “With the growing environmental pollution and the trend towards alternative energies, it is important to develop the automotive industry with the aim of reducing the resulting carbon impact. This qualitative revolution in the transport sector takes into account the environmental standards that have become mandatory in many countries that are seeking a better future.

Gilbert Tegho, CEO of e-EcoSolutions, said: “The recent 100% removal of customs duties on Battery Electric Vehicles by the Lebanese government is a turning point in the field of non-polluting transportation vehicles in the Country, and time has come to start developing the necessary infrastructure and taking the corresponding legislative actions for the integration of cleaner transport solutions in the Lebanese market. The e-MotorShow® provides a unique opportunity for Lebanon to engage the Public and Private sectors in this transformation, which positive impact encompasses health, the environment and the economy, if integrated properly.”

Speaking to AMEinfo, media partner of the e-MotorShow, Tegho said: “We’ve been planning [the event] for almost a year, ever since the government of Lebanon announced that it removed the customs duties off electric cars.”

In 2018, the Lebanese government had announced that all fully electric vehicles will now be exempt from customs, while hybrids will be subject to a 20% levy regardless of vehicle value.

Tegho continued by explaining that a majority of the Lebanese public is still unaware legislation change, and that initially, the e-MotorShow was born out of a desire to spread the excitement about EVs and the possibilities this tax lift has made possible. e-EcoSolutions was even more excited to bring the Middle East its first ever electric motor show of this kind.

Tegho was glad to have so many of the world’s biggest car brands on board, which he hopes will prove to the public that EVs can come in all shapes, sizes, prices and power capabilities.

Tegho also thanked the Minister of Environment Fady Jraissati for presenting his patronage, as well as the e-MotorShow®sponsors: Title Sponsor MEDCO and Silver Sponsors Commercial Insurance, Talaya and Uber. He also expressed his great appreciation for all event Supporters and regional and local Media Partners.

At the end of the Press Conference, e-EcoSolutions has invited all visitors interested in attending the e-MotorShow® to register online in order to cut the queues at the doors, and informed them that they can also benefit from 2 free Uber rides to and from the e-MotorShow® (up to 5$ each) using the Promo code: emotorshowlb .

The e-MotorShow® will be also promoting sustainability through different measures taken at the event such as promoting carpooling and Uber rides to reduce carbon emissions of visitors, offering free glass water bottles for refilling by Talaya, and special edible and biodegradable plates as a way to fight single-use plastic waste, protecting the venue environment using Integrated Pest Management, and more Green measures.