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Exclusive: UAE’s water wise future with waterless carwash

The world is moving towards an era of advancement backed by innovation. While most countries in the world progress and develop at the cost of the environment, the UAE is using innovation to its advantage.

From green buildings to renewable sources of energy, the UAE is focusing its initiatives and business models on eco-friendly measures that can optimize the living conditions and ensure sustainability, whilst promote progress of the nation. With this spirit in mind, a waterless car wash service is the next step that can drive the country towards its goal of clean and green future.

It has been noted that washing a car with water leads to a waste of more than 140 liters if you leave an open hose running.

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As such, using a waterless car wash can help reduce that waste. As the products are 100 percent environmentally safe and have no affluent impact on the environment, waterless car wash services in the UAE has saved about 5.5 million liters of water. In addition, operations do not require any external storage, water or electrical supply to operate, therefore it generates reduced fixed costs to the facilities management or business user.

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Waterless car wash not just saves water, but also has a less impact on the environment, generating higher savings. As a result, many corporates and multinationals are integrating it as a part of their CSR campaigns, encouraging staff members to opt for this green technology. As people become more responsible towards a sustainable ecosystem, initiatives as waterless car wash serve as a perfect roadmap for a green evolution.

Sustainability is one of the principal themes of UAE, and with waterless car wash catching up soon, gone are the days when it would cost the earth to wash your car. All in all, going green is not that difficult and with a little effort, each one of us can become water-wise, by using only what we need.

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This article is written by Rishi Kohli, Founder of WaterWise – the UAE’s first waterless car wash service in the region using the greenest available products and operational services to create an unrivaled eco-friendly car wash operation.

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