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Facebook F8 2018: Facebook’s way to save its face

Mark Zuckerberg kicked off Facebook F8, a company event aimed at announcing new products with a keynote on how Facebook is taking a broader view of its responsibility by not only giving people powerful tools but also making sure those tools are used for good.

Following the recent calamity involving inappropriate use of data by Russian authorities and Cambridge Analytica, the Facebook team is building new and friendlier services across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Oculus.

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Facebook announced “Clear History,” a feature requested by many and its response to the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal (our coverage on that here, here and here).

This feature is mainly about how people like us can be aware of what Facebook “partners” send to Facebook, and users will then be able to delete said information if they choose to.

Another new announcement was the ability to share the songs that you are listening to with friends using applications like music sharing application Spotify.

The shocker was the plan for a “Facebook Dating” scene, which has already scared and Tinder and is giving them a run for their money just like it did to Snapchat last year.

F8 wasn’t just about Facebook, because the next announcements were about Instagram followed by Whatsapp.

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Instagram and Whatsapp

The Instagram app is adding Instagram Augmented Reality (AR), allowing content creators to make 3D objects for their followers.

They can bring those objects to the real world and inspect the product in AR, be it a toaster, a phone or others.

A feature that is coming to both Instagram and Whatsapp is group video calls, which will be a new option allowing you to add your friends to a video call inside both apps, just like Skype.

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VR and AR (Oculus)

Have you ever posted pictures of your home on Facebook?

Of course, but now you can use AR/VR to construct a dreamlike representation of memories in any room in the house such as your children playing with their birthday presents or of people jumping in the pool, etc.



Another announcement is Oculus GO, a low-end, all-in-one VR headset that costs only $200, which is available right now for purchase and has approximately 1,000 applications and games to choose from.