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First Iranian Minibus to enter market

Deputy CEO of Iran Khodro Diesel says the company has begun to mass produce Arian minibus which is the first Iranian minibus produced based on international standards.

Mehdi Younesian went on noting that the product is now waiting to get the required certificate before entering the market.

He said Arian is the fruit of two years of expanded efforts by Iran Khodro’s competent experts and engineers.

Younesian noted that Arian Minibus with 156 horsepower enjoys Euro III ecological standards with the capacity to shift to Euro IV. He said the engine of the minibus has the highest power among similar products in the market. It is also equipped with transmission and an advanced hydro-pneumatic braking system.

Younesian referred to the different tests of the vehicle conducted by relevant organizations in charge of public transportation saying that the test results show that Arian is capable of providing the passengers with quality services.

With products like this, Iran Khodro Diesel has shown that it is capable of keeping its position as the main supplier of minibus across the country by offering high safety standards and meeting various demands in the market.

Touching upon other products of Iran Khodro Diesel, Younesian said, “So far 400 Benz Axor trailer trcuks have been produced and delivered to the customers and a number of others would be delivered soon.”

He concluded that with more than half-century experience, Iran Khodro Diesel is capable of producing different passenger cars, vans, minibuses, buses and ambulances (Mercedes Benz), different kinds of heavy and semi-heavy duty vehicles and firefighting cars manufactured based on the latest standards, offerings after- sales service across the country.