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First look: Audi’s first all-electric vehicle on display in Lebanon

Following an Abu Dhabi world premiere, Audi has brought its first-ever all-electric electric vehicle, the e-tron, to Lebanon.

The e-tron represents Audi's entry into the EV race It will be on display at the Middle East's first-ever e-MotorShow launching this week No official price has been disclosed yet

Ets. F.A. Kettaneh, S.A the exclusive distributor of Audi cars in Lebanon, presented its first fully electric vehicle during a two days reception held at the Audi showroom, in the presence of guests, Audi owners and press last Friday, April 5th. AMEinfo got a chance to see Audi’s first electric vehicle (EV) offering,

The Audi e-tron is the first fully electrically powered series production model from the German automaker. It made its world debut in Abu Dhabi last year.

(The e-tron in Abu Dhabi in 2018. Image: Audi)

The sporty full-size SUV is powered by two powerful electric motors that are locally CO2-neutral and virtually silent. A new generation of the quattro drive, the electric all-wheel drive, ensures excellent traction and dynamics. The e-tron on display at the event was flexing 18-inch rims, according to personnel on the scene.

(Image: Mark Anthony Karam/AMEinfo)

According to Audi’s official stats, the e-tron can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds, and has a range of over 400 kilometers in the WLTP driving cycle, with zero local emissions. Its top speed is 200 kph.

(Not exactly the sight you expect when you pop a hood open. Image: Mark Anthony Karam/AMEinfo)

Its two electric motors produce up to 300 kW and combine with the electric all-wheel drive to deliver optimum performance on any terrain.

(Image: Mark Anthony Karam/AMEinfo)

The e-tron utilizes striking virtual side-mirror technology, with a camera housed in each side-mirror instead of a physical glass surface.

(Images: Mark Anthony Karam/AMEinfo)

This technology remains unique to Audi currently, giving us a glimpse of what all side-mirrors might evolve to in the future.

(The footage captured by each side-mirror camera is displayed on the inside of its respective door on a small screen. Image: Mark Anthony Karam/AMEinfo)

As for the battery, it comes with a Lithium-ion pack, with 95 kWh battery energy content. It can charge rapidly at 150kW.

“The Audi e-tron has the potential to charge very quickly indeed, as it’s capable of taking power from 150kW charger,” Driving Electric said. “That’ll take the battery to 80% capacity in around 30 minutes.”

They continued: “You can also charge the e-tron at home, of course, with 11kW charging standard and 22kW charging available as an option, although your house will need to have three-phase power to make use of the fastest domestic charging speed. Working in conjunction with an energy provider’s ‘smart meter’, charging can be scheduled for when electricity is at its cheapest.”

(Image: Mark Anthony Karam/AMEinfo)

The e-tron has yet to be priced for the Lebanese market. Last year, The National reported that “Audi says that the e-tron will be on sale [in Abu Dhabi] by July or August next year, with pricing expected to cost from about AED 325,000 ($88,500). A Lebanese release date has not been confirmed yet.

The Audi e-tron will be on display during the first e-MotorShow in the region which will take place from April 11th till 15th at the Forum de Beyrouth, Lebanon, where AMEinfo will be present as Media Partner. Visit the Audi stand to get to know more and register for a limited places test drive.

By 2025 Audi will offer twelve automobiles with all-electric drive in the most important markets worldwide and achieve roughly one-third of its sales with electrified models.

Additional information about the Audi e-tron is available at the Audi MediaCenter and at