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Formula One weekend: Boosting Abu Dhabi tourism

Abu Dhabi has solidified position as global tourism hub by hosting events such as Formula One

YAS Island now features facilities worth millions of dollars

Formula One will also have several top post-race events, which will bring in the crowds


Over the past few years, the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, has succeeded in solidifying its position as a global tourism hub by hosting popular events such as the Formula One race, which decides the global champion of the sport.

Here’s how the event helps boost tourism numbers for the emirate.


YAS Island and YAS Marina Circuit

YAS Island constructed major retail, sports and other entertainment facilities, such as YAS Mall, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, YAS Water World and the YAS Marine Circuit.

As these are worth millions of dollars, Abu Dhabi would definitely be in need of regular tourists to cover the costs of operating these facilities.


Formula One Etihad Airways Grand Prix

The final round of the Formula One World Championship is held in Abu Dhabi. A global event such as the Formula One race attracts thousands of drivers, teams and racing fans from around the world, making it a truly global event. The numbers of visitors to the Grand Prix have increased tremendously since the capital started hosting the event in 2009, according to a report by Oxford Business Group.

For this year’s Formula One, 60,000 tickets are already sold out and, due to high-demand, organisers have offered 1,500 tickets for the 201 race on the hill at YAS Marina, which offers a clear view of turns 4,5,6 and 7, the north hairpin and the famous straight – the longest in Formula 1.

Last year the Formula One had a capacity of 55,000 viewers only.


Class-A entertainment

On the sidelines of the race, the three-day event attracts several local and international entertainment acts. This includes after-race concerts by A-list artists such as Lionel Ricci, The Chemical Brothers, Rihanna and Drake, in addition to local talents, such as Fursan Al Emarat, the UAE’s national aerobatics team, performing two displays throughout the Grand Prix.