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Fortinet to ‘Break the Kill Chain’ at GITEX Technology Week 2015

Vendor will demonstrate how businesses can identify unknown threats, and will also highlight how to stay on top of IoT security

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) – the global leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions will utilize its presence at GITEX Technology Week 2015 to demonstrate its Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solutions that enables businesses to know the unknown, and avoid falling prey to new threats.

The company will also demonstrate the crucial role that intelligent security solutions and policies play in enabling businesses to win the battle against IoT threats.

Fortinet will also showcase its latest Software-Defined Network Security (SDNS) framework which is the first of its kind across the industry to provide advanced threat protection through the integration of security into the modern agile data center environment.

The new Fortinet SDN Security framework exemplifies the company’s innovations across all principal layers of the network architecture.

“Today’s most damaging attacks are Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), and cybercrime is no longer random or about brute force, it’s more subtle – aiming to infiltrate, stay hidden, and extract data without detection,” said Alain Penel, Regional Vice President – Middle East, Fortinet.

“The threat evolution is faster than ever – we are, on average, discovering more new threats every day than identifying already known malware. The need for vigilance, intelligent security solutions and comprehensive policies is growing in the Middle East – this is obvious considering the number of regional incidents that have been recorded in recent times. We will be showcasing our latest products and solutions that will help regional businesses ‘break the kill chain’ and take preemptive action against cyber threats,” he added.

Fortinet’s ATP framework enables businesses to protect themselves from Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), which are, today, viewed as the most damaging attacks. ATP attacks infiltrate networks, stay hidden and extract data without detection. Breaking this kill chain calls for a holistic approach to security, and by relying on Fortinet’s ATP framework, businesses are protected from known threats, can detect unknown threats and mitigate intrusions.

IoT security is another burgeoning issue that Fortinet will tackle during the exhibition. IoT has the potential to transform the way people and organisations interact but there is also potential for data loss, as IoT puts more devices, information and activities online. Fortinet’s intelligent solutions, well-crafted company policies and vigilant staff are a must to ensure that businesses don’t lose their data.

“GITEX Technology Week gives us a base to demonstrate our solutions to a broad audience. We are also able to interact with decision makers and meet our channel partners, and share our knowledge with them, so they can make decisions that suit their requirements best. As threats continue to evolve, it’s critical that businesses have the right tools and support to protect themselves,” explained Penel.

Fortinet will be in hall 2- stand B2 – 1A during Gitex Technology Week, which runs from October 18 to October 22 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

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