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Game Changing consumer technology to be launched in the Middle East

UK & Doha based consultancy, MGA Brand Solutions are to launch game-changing consumer technology next month using iBeacon hardware and software. A first for the region, iBeacons are said to be the next frontier for consumer engagement in retail, theme parks, museums, hotels and at live events.

iBeacon is a technology that allows an app to know exactly where the user of a smartphone is standing. iBeacon alerts a device with a 7th sense that its user is standing in front of a certain car, art piece, product, shelf or object.

MGA Brand Solutions CEO & Founder, Mark Gunner said “Imagine that having downloaded an app for a gallery or museum you are visiting, not only do you receive a personalized welcome message on arrival, but throughout your tour the app has the ability to send you information about the art or artist as you are looking at a particular piece or painting. Or as you walk around a car showroom advanced information is sent to your phone in the form of text, an audio file or video, creating a unique customer shopping experience. In addition, the benefits are not only for the consumer – for our clients the technology provides the means to obtain unprecedented data. An ability to offer loyalty and reward in realtime, this new technology is renowned to be the ultimate game-changer for brands, venues and visitor attractions.”

Gunner added: “As part of our a digital solutions consultancy, we are delighted to be the first company (in the region) to bring a comprehensive 360 degree solution for iBeacon technology and the development of context and proximity aware apps”.

iBeacon technology has already been introduced in certain Apple Stores in the US, and with the Middle East as an epicenter for worlds most renowned shopping malls and retail outlets MGA® are poised to make further announcements in the coming months as they close in on the initial tech-testing period.