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GCC nationals among 4000 new staff sought by Millennium Hotels

Millennium Hotels and Resorts in the MEA region announced plans to employ 4,000 new staff by 2018, with a focus on hiring nationals from the GCC. With a total of ten new openings within the next year, the Group has opened their doors for continued high employment and robust development.

New properties are confirmed for Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Turkey and Oman, for the next 12 months. The brand indicated they will be searching for 400 managers and executives as well as 600 supervisors, allowing national talent the opportunity to apply and join.

“The Group’s priority will be to promote from within, investing in internal talents and enabling career development,” said Anis Fares, Director Human Resources, Millennium Hotels and Resorts, MEA.

In addition to sourcing internally, the Group has also invested in recruitment services such as applicant tracking systems, and social sourcing.

Kevork Deldelian, Chief Operating Officer at Millennium Hotels & Resorts, MEA, said that they will continue to work closely with government entities to support employment “particularly as we continue to expand into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Oman”.

“The perception of the hotel industry as a career is changing amongst GCC nationals as hotel groups focus on attracting and retaining national talent.”

Millennium Hotels & Resorts is a global hotel company, which owns, asset manages and/or operates over 130 hotels worldwide.