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GE installs energy-efficient LED solutions for Al Ain Municipality street lighting

GE Lighting (NYSE: GE) has completed the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting in Al Ain, as part of an agreement to provide energy-efficient solutions for the Municipality’s public lighting project.

GE Lighting was chosen for the revamp of Al Ain Municipality’s street lighting with energy efficient lamps that also contribute to reduced carbon dioxide emissions and lower maintenance costs. The new lighting solution, with greater longevity, is expected to enable the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of about 516,831 lbs (234,431 kg) per year.

With proven track-record in delivering sustainable lighting for outdoors in Abu Dhabi and a similar project earlier in Al Ain, GE Lighting also focused on further enhancing the aesthetics of the country’s ‘Garden City’ through its lighting solutions.

Quality section Group of Al Ain Municipality said: “As a government entity committed to enhancing the well-being of the people, we deliver the best in-class and customer-oriented municipal services. Our municipal lighting serves not only the function of public safety and convenience, but also adds to the aesthetics of our city. As part of our emphasis on optimizing energy use efficiency, and in line with the green vision of the government, we decided to revamp our street lighting with LED solutions. GE Lighting, with its strong track-record in Abu Dhabi, served as an ideal partner in undertaking the project, demonstrating innovation in design and excellence in execution.”

Amr Hossam, GE Lighting’s Outdoor leader of Middle East, Africa and Turkey, said: “We are thankful to Al Ain Municipality for awarding us the project to revamp the city’s street lighting once again. In addition to our experience in street lighting in Abu Dhabi, using sustainable and aesthetic solutions, we have demonstrated our capability in urban lighting across the world. As the pioneer in LED technology, we are bringing our latest in lighting solutions to Al Ain that will enhance energy and operational efficiency and reduce emissions, thus meeting the sustainability vision of Abu Dhabi.”

GE Lighting installed its ERS -2 557 94 W Lamps as part of the original design of the street lighting system in Al Ain. Adhering to the original street lighting system was a challenge, which GE addressed by drawing on its experience of working on similar projects globally.

GE Lighting adopted an integrated approach to facilitate the project by using its ERS LED scalable fixtures, which provide optimal illumination. While preserving the aesthetic look of the roadways, GE Lighting’s solution balances the technical needs of a sophisticated LED system with the functional demands of an outdoor fixture that faces extreme weather conditions such as in the UAE.

The technology has proved its merits at earlier applications in cities such as Las Vegas in the US. The lighting solutions used also contribute to reduced glare and improved light control, which add to road safety. With reduced maintenance and long life of up to 50,000 hours, the ERS solution is an ideal match to Al Ain Municipality’s requirements.

GE Lighting has a rich history in the Middle East having established long-standing business association with over 70 key partners over the past several decades. The company established its full-fledged team in the region 15 years ago, and today has several professionals driving the operations.