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Gitex Shopper cancelled: Can you wait ’til October for your new gadget?

This is the first time Gitex Shopper, the biggest and longest running consumer electronics extravaganza in the region, has been canceled.

The reason given was that Gitex Shopper Spring and Autumn shows, which both precede Gitex Technology Week, have been merged and will be held from October 2nd till the 6th 2018.

So what happened?

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Why was it postponed?

Gitex Shopper’s website states that the reason they merged both exhibitions organized by Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) is to offer shoppers and retailers a more strategic and strong festive campaign during and after the Holy Month of Ramadan which begins in the first half of May.

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Retail partners are in support of this merger

  The autumn event has always attracted more customers anyway, as it did in 2017 when more than 185,000 people attended.

And retailers are seemingly approving of event merger, such as for example Jumbo Electronics whose spokesperson, Atul Joshi, stated that “2018 will be an exciting year,” he also added that “Jumbo Electronics has a series of promotions pre-planned in-store for consumers.”

Another example is Assistant Vice President of Jacky’s Electronics, Mahesh Chotrani, who stated that “the merger will create a new momentum as we move deeper towards the festive shopping season.”

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Both spokespersons stated that they will be offering a series of pre-planned in-store promotions for consumers, and will also promote the products during and following the month of Ramadan.