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Giza Systems acquires VAS Integrated Solutions LLC (VIS), Bull Group’s Leading Storage Distributor and Integrator in the Egyptian Market

Giza Systems, the leading systems integrator in Egypt and the Middle East announces it acquisition of VAS Integrated Solutions LLC (VIS), Bull Group’s Egyptian subsidiary leader in storage integration and a key distributor for EMC, the market leader in virtualization and big data.

VAS Integrated Solutions, the subsidiary of Bull Group, is the leading storage distributor and integrator in the Egyptian market and operates in cloud enablement and virtualization space in Egypt and Libya. Its customers include all major players in the Egyptian telecommunications sector, banking industry and a strong presence in the Oil & Gas sector.

Giza Systems acquires from Bull all shares owned by the Group in VAS Integrated Solutions, representing 80% majority stake in VIS.

The acquisition will expand Giza Systems’ leadership in systems integration by synergizing its offerings portfolio with VAS Integrated Solutions’ cloud-based integration and space virtualization services for B2B enablement, simplification, and innovation.

“Acquiring VIS creates a compelling advantage for our joint clients, as it supports organizations across the board in deriving the transformative benefits of integration with cloud technologies.

The synergy across our service offerings is a perfect fit with our strategy aiming at providing our clients with the most complete portfolio of integration services with a strong secure cloud-based backbone to drive business innovation and optimization,” commented Shehab ElNawawi, Chairman and CEO of Giza Systems.

Founded in 2010, VAS Integrated Solutions has grown to become the leading supplier of storage solutions based on EMC technology in Egypt with over 40 employees and 2013 revenues of approximately EGP 200 million.

“Within Giza Systems, VAS Integrated Solutions will be in a position to accelerate its development in Egypt, Middle East and Africa region for the benefit of all customers” notes Eric Desnos, VP AMEA (Africa-Middle-East-Asia).