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Google delegation visits UAE’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation

The delegation also showcased some of the innovative projects they are working on to enhance government services.

A high-level delegation from Google visited the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRCGI) and met with participants of Diploma in Government Innovation during a seminar to discuss the mechanism of generating innovative ideas based on new technologies to achieve future goals.

The delegation also showcased some of the innovative projects they are working on to enhance government services.

TheGoogle delegation included Susan Pointer, ‏Senior Director Public Policy & Government Relations in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Russia; Sam Blatteis, Head of Government Relations and Public Policy at Gulf Countries; and Khaled Kouba, ‏Public Policy & Government Relations Manager in MENA region.

On the occasion, Susan Pointer discussed the importance of Diploma in Government Innovation in providing participants with the knowledge required to achieve innovative goals in their fields.The Diploma will enhance their capacity to meet the challenges and provide appropriate solutions, as well as take advantage of the opportunities offered by the UAE government to attain knowledge that meets the needs of the future, Pointer said.

Stressing that innovation is one of the most important keys that hold the future, Pointer said the programme offered by the UAE government is a unique opportunity that qualifies participants to be exceptional leaders in the future.

She urged the participants in Diploma in Government Innovation to take advantage of new technologies and identify the best practices to generate innovative ideas.

Pointer commended the UAE’s efforts to achieve government innovation by employing digital technology and establishing an advanced infrastructure in the field of information technology as well as investing in the human element. Such initiatives have enabled the UAE government to attain outstanding success to become one of the most innovative in the world, Pointer said.

Pointer said the UAE is one of the most connected countries in terms of internet use, which has contributed to the development of its education system, government innovation policies and government services as well as supported its efforts to build a knowledge-based economy.

Pointer also said that Google is keen to increase cooperation with the UAE government and the MBRCGI in all fields, especially information technology and dissemination of knowledge to encourage innovation and motivate innovators.

The future leaders of government innovation discussed with the delegation a number of topics related to the mechanisms of generating ideas and adopting innovation. They utilised the opportunity to enquire about the tools and methods used by Google to develop and deliver innovative services that meet the needs of different users.

The delegation was also introduced to innovative projects which the participants in the Diploma in Government Innovation are working on to make them more effective on a larger scale to meet the needs of the customers.

Innovative Ideas, Innovative Capabilities, Innovative Culture
Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation aims to develop an integrated system of modern tools to help government entities to adopt innovation in the sector and provide innovative services to the public. The Centre is focused on establishing the culture of innovation in various areas of public sector activity. The model of MBRCGI is based on three main pillars: Innovative Ideas, Innovative Capabilities, and Innovative Culture.

MBRCGI organisesa series of events and government innovation laboratories to support the development of services and find solutions to challenges. It is also working on training national talents and promoting their capacity in the area of government innovation, in addition to building a global network of partnerships with universities and specialised institutes.