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Governor of Riyadh honors STC for sponsoring the national campaign for strengthening national values (Our Nation is trust)

His Royal Highness prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Riyadh honored STC for sponsoring the National Campaign for strengthening national values (Our Nations is a Trust) under the title (Social Responsibility Partner). Engineer Abdulaziz AL Sugair received the honoring plaque from His Royal Highness.

Sponsoring of this campaign by STC was a continuation of its social responsibility and its concern for supporting different activities in the kingdom. It implements a number of programs and initiatives that aim at supporting the lives of individuals and society to become a key champion and partner of consecutive success. STC operates according to a strategy of adopting objective programs in various social areas in order to make a social presences in many national events and festivals.

The activities of the national campaign continues from 28/05/1435H till the end of 1435H and managed by Riyadh Emirate. It involves a number of programs e.g. workshops, media programs/movies, debates and youth groups. The campaign will discuss a number of values and fundamentals such as national unity and the relation between the rule and the ruled, national loyalty and affiliation, family and community values, human rights, justice, integrity, equality, dialogue, tolerance and acceptance of otherness.