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Gulf tourism expects revenue increase of 11 per cent in 2015

Arab region achieved 2 per cent growth last year due to increased tourist flow in Gulf countries and Jordan

Economists and tourism experts predict that Gulf countries will achieve an increase of up to 11 per cent in tourism revenues by the end of this year, compared with 2014.

They state that Gulf cities are witnessing an increase in the tourism sector, with growing expenditures by Gulf governments for entertainment projects, along with the development of tourism products and an expansion in the establishment of hotels, according to Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

Tourism expert Patrick Antaki says the UAE received an increasing number of tourist groups, benefiting from the great development in the Emirates’ airlines and airport services as well as the modern road networks and big spending on infrastructure.

Antaki adds that the UAE is characterised by hotel products provided at the highest level, UAE-based Al Arabiya reports.

Economist expert Mohammed Moataz al Khayyat says the recent studies conducted on the Gulf tourism sector concluded that the Arab region achieved a two per cent growth in tourism last year.

He points out that this growth happened due to increased tourist flow in Gulf countries and Jordan.

He adds that both World Tourism Organisation reports and local studies expect that Gulf countries will register an increase in tourism revenue between 10.4 per cent and 11 per cent.