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HeyDoc! Mideast’s first tele-health app is here

All of the patients the Al-Hidiqs spoke to highlighted the need to have a highly reliable doctor available on demand.

A new app is helping connect patients to the right doctors in no time, revolutionising the way the two interact and eliminating the hassle of physically visiting the doctor for a regular, non-urgent check-up.

In the past patients had to book an appointment, maybe sit in traffic to get to the doctor’s office, only to then sit some more in a busy waiting area, all for a simple five-minute check-up. But now, with the new HeyDoc! app, patients can clear any concerns they may have in a matter of minutes without even setting an appointment.

The tele-health communication platform connects patients to the right medical specialists, with whom they can communicate through an “app advisory session”.

After signing up and creating an account, users can select their desired specialty, even read “friends-first reviews” to further validate a doctor,  add or top-up credits to request an advisory, then simply start to talk, share symptoms, relevant pictures and test results, all in a secure and private environment.

The doctor can then provide his or her feedback on the case. Users can keep records of the conversations to go back to even after the chat session is over.

Partners and brothers Salah and Ahmad Al-Hidiq are the tech-entrepreneurs behind the new concept.

“We will be able to help patients within that thin line when they’re not sure if their issue is urgent, serious or not,” said Ahmad Al-Hidiq.

“HeyDoc! will not replace physical appointments but eliminate the unnecessary ones and also provide a platform for second opinions with doctors locally and internationally,” he added.

The two have previously collaborated on a number of start-ups in the field of digital marketing. They have also contributed to the healthcare sector by collaborating with a number of leading medical professionals in the UAE.

Having spoken with more than 100 doctors across different specialties and more than 300 patients locally and regionally, the pair learned two main objectives to the healthcare industry: unifying communication with patients and creating a bigger network of patients.

All of the patients the Al-Hidiqs spoke to highlighted the need to have a highly reliable doctor available on demand.

The application is available on both Android and iOS, and plans to roll out more relevant features in the near future.