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HMH CEO to address Hotel Technology Summit in Dubai

The hotel industry has been slow to adopt technology unlike the aviation industry but is catching up fast

Laurent A. Voivenel, CEO of HMH – Hospitality Management Holdings will participate in an interactive panel discussion on smart hotels at the 18th Hotel Technology Summit in Dubai.

Organised in association with Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), the two-day global conference will be held on 22 and 23 November 2015 and aims to connect the Middle East hotels with Next-Gen technology innovators.

Highlighting the group’s strategy Laurent stressed, “Adoption of the latest technology has been a strategic imperative for us at HMH – Hospitality Management Holdings.

It is not only about addressing the current needs of our guests but preparing ourselves for the future. We live in a tech-savvy digital world that demands efficiency and speed at every step be it the booking process or the actual stay at the hotel. Basic to any operation today is high-speed connectivity and digital engagement. Technology has placed everything on the palm with the world going mobile.

At the tap of a finger you can strike a business deal, chat with your friends, connect with your family, shop for anything online, enjoy the best entertainment or find your way around town”.

The hotel industry has been slow to adopt technology unlike the aviation industry but is catching up fast. Smart technology is the order of the day with automated self check-in, dual screen TVs, smart mirrors, robot butlers… the list keeps getting longer by the day.

Laurent stated, “There is a very fine line between practicality and innovation. Not every invention makes to the must-have list of customers. Nor are they ready to pay for unnecessary add-ons. Therefore, at HMH we have been extremely mindful of the needs and expectations of our customers and have carefully upgraded our front and back-end systems to be at par with international standards. We have put in place the most advanced equipment without forgetting that we serve normal customers and not IT experts. Hence, ease-of-use is equally important.”