Complex Made Simple

This is what Honeywell does to improve in-flight productivity

Comfort while traveling in this fast-paced, technology-driven world is about more than leg room and the time it takes for passengers to reach their final destination. A larger number of passengers, particularly business travelers, want to be fully connected while in flight.

According to The International Air Transport Association’s 2016 Global Passenger Survey, more than half (51 per cent) of passengers prefer to use their own devices on board to access inflight entertainment options, reflecting a desire for the same consistent and reliable connectivity experience they would enjoy on the ground. The report also highlights the demand for improved technology on every step of the journey, with 39 per cent of respondants revealing that they would like to electronically tag and track their bag from their arrival at the airport, while 74 per cent of passengers would like an improved transfer experience by ensuring  that they only have to pass through one security gate.

These evolving expectations challenge aerospace technology providers to produce integrated services and solutions for a better quality and seamless connectivity experience. Honeywell is at the forefront of that drive for innovative technologies that keep passengers connected and comfortable.

Business aviation is an industry where Honeywell excels with its connectivity experience and leadership. Executives have always faced a consistent pressure to be more productive while in the air, and that need continued to grow in recent years through the proliferation of mobile devices. Executives want access to fast, reliable Wi-Fi connections to meet their needs, to meet these expectations Honeywell has expanded its GoDirect Cabin Connectivity services and applications accordingly.

As an industry leader, Honeywell has listened to its customers and incorporated feedback to ensure the services and applications offered meet the needs and requirements of the business aviation community. Honeywell’s updated solutions allows for more effective management of in-flight connectivity networks, which fundamentally creates a better end-user experience and enables business jet owners and operators to save on time and costs through increased efficiency.

By providing Honeywell’s GoDirect Satcom Network application for mobile devices, business jet operators, flight crews and passengers now have the best opportunity to monitor and maintain the health of their aircraft’s network through real-time control of network services. Passengers and crew can set timers for online streaming sessions, which helps to reduce costs while maximizing data rates to increase productivity for onboard passengers. The updated GoDirect Routing Software also provides greater control of the cabin network, enhances configuration tools for satellite communications systems and increases capacity to connect multiple devices.

With constant connectivity a priority for passengers, disruptions are unwelcomed and troublesome to passenger comfort. To keep those to a minimum in the air, Honeywell’s GoDirect Satcom Tool Kit application aids with the maintenance and troubleshooting of networks, including its Aspire and Jetwave hardware systems. The application helps expand the ability to troubleshoot and define the root of technical issues on a broad range of satellite communication products, ultimately lowering costs.

In-cabin management and access is also important for business travelers. The GoDirect Access application is the industry’s leading cabin billing service, with tools to manage in-flight Wi-Fi and service users with access to JetConnex.

Business aviation operators can now enhance their customers’ in-flight experience, ensure that cabin comfort incorporates being well connected in the air, with more control of cabin management services.