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How to Improve Customer Experience with the Help of AI Chatbots

Want to take your customer experience to the next level? You need to leverage AI chatbots. Here is how they can ensure that customers have a great experience.

Even if you are not at your desk 24x7, you can be available for them through AI-powered chatbots In addition to this, they help you understand your customers’ needs based on their interactions Unlike customer service representatives, AI chatbots can handle multiple queries at once

For any business, customers are important. It goes without saying.

If you don’t want to cross your customers, you need to put out your best foot forward. The thing is you don’t get many chances either. According to a survey, one in three customers would walk away from a brand they like after they have a bad experience.

The good part is the way you serve your customers is evolving. Even if you are not at your desk 24×7, you can be available for them through AI-powered chatbots.

In addition to this, they help you understand your customers’ needs based on their interactions. Unlike customer service representatives, AI chatbots can handle multiple queries at once. 

If you are not leveraging AI chatbots, it’s time to level up. Here is how you can improve your customer experience with AI-enabled chatbots:

1. Assist Your Customers with Shopping

When you go shopping at high-end stores, they have shopping assistants to help you find what you are looking for. The assistance they offer ensures that you have a smooth shopping experience. 

When it comes to the digital world, live chat focuses mainly on the technical aspect. But what about providing assistance for shopping?

Intelligent chatbots can do that for your customers virtually. They can ask for your customer’s preferences and show them products based on their tastes. 

Take inspiration from H&M’s bot on Kik Messenger. Their chatbot acts as an online personal stylist that asks multiple questions to understand what the user likes. Based on their answers, the chatbot gives recommendations to them. 

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This makes it easy for H&M’s customers to shop for clothes and accessories that match their tastes. They don’t have to go through the entire collection to find something that they might like. 

On the other hand, H&M can get insights about which products and designs resonate with their customers. It’s a win-win situation for both the customers and the brand.

2. Help Customers Navigate Your Website Easily

Before a customer can find what they want, they typically have to go through a number of sections on a website. That’s a long process that is not particularly efficient.

If users have to go through a maze of clicks, they may end up getting frustrated and abandoning their purchases. For ecommerce stores, this means fewer sales and less revenue. 

What’s the solution? 

AI-powered chatbots can shorten this lengthy cycle. If you have an integrated chatbot, your site visitors can easily be redirected to the page they are interested in. 

3. Make Customization Easy

When you walk into a shop, you can tell the shop representative any specific thing that you want. Maybe you want trekking shoes which are great for walking in the snow. Or maybe you want a purse of a particular color. With in-person shopping, customization is easy.

Well, intelligent chatbots can also offer the same convenience to shoppers. If you have demanding customers who are very particular about their requirements, the customization ability can be particularly beneficial.

Starbucks is already leveraging this functionality in their chatbot. Their bot is designed to understand complex instructions. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can add specific requirements for each order. 

Image via TechCrunch

Instead of just picking a coffee from the menu, you can also add any special requests that you may have. What’s more, you don’t even have to type it out. You can simply speak into your phone to place your order. 

Starbucks’ chatbot is equipped to handle requests made via voice search. To ensure that you get your order just as you like it, the bot also asks you some follow-up questions.

4. Showcase New Products

Don’t wait for customers to get back to you after a purchase! Instead, stay in touch with them via an AI chatbot. If you are launching a new product, you can spread the word about it via chatbots. 

Not only can it help you boost brand awareness, but it can also help you build customer loyalty.

National Geographic used this use case for chatbots to promote their new show, “Genius.” The show revolved around the lives of Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein. 

They programmed their Messenger bot to converse with their audience via the voice and the tone of those featured in the show.

When the episodes on Albert Einstein were aired, the visitors were then connected to the character’s bot version. The users received replies with information about the shows and the topics related to it.

Image via Impactbnd

5. Offer Personalized Suggestions

Over a period of time, AI chatbots can analyze customer behavior. Based on their data, you can also offer them expert tips or personalized suggestions to improve their customer experiences. It can also go a long way to nurture your relationships with your customers.

For instance, Bank of America’s AI-powered chatbot, Erica, can analyze a user’s spending habits. They also give investment and payment suggestions as per the balance they have. Such suggestions can help users make sound financial decisions.

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From offering assistance and suggestions to showcasing new products, AI chatbots can help improve the customer experience significantly. 

Through chatbots, customers can find what they are looking for easily. Moreover, AI-powered chatbots ask questions to understand the customer needs. So, the products they showcase are likely to match the customers’ tastes.

They are designed to help you reduce the length of the entire buying cycle. In addition to this, you can also add a personal touch to boost customer satisfaction. This, in turn, can also help you retain your customers.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to build your own AI chatbot.