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HP Elite Dragonfly G1 – The definitive companion of the successful business professional

What is the perfect business laptop? 

As a business professional, you demand a lot from your teammates and subordinates, and expect only the best from them, all in the pursuit of efficiency, productivity and sound business practice. As our digital nativity evolves, so do our expectations of our personal and professional devices. So, can a business laptop meet all these expectations? 

This isn’t a yes or no question. The answer to this question is definitive, and it is the HP Elite Dragonfly G1. 

You expect only the best, and the Elite Dragonfly G1 is primed to deliver that – and then some. Combining powerful performance with a featherweight sleek build and a crystal-clear 13.3-inch touch screen, it combines the best of all worlds when it comes to business laptops. It’s “lighter than air” minimalist magnesium alloy body houses a powerful Intel® Core™ i7 vPro® processor and 16 GB of RAM, meaning you never have to compromise power for mobility again. But lightness doesn’t mean fragility either, as the G1’s build material passes military standards with flying colors.

Mobility, adaptability and reliability is key when it comes to business laptops. Business professionals will often find themselves on the move. In the company boardroom, you want the lightest, fastest device you can have on hand to pop up a presentation at the snap of a finger. On the go at a cafe or at a client’s company, you want to look your best. Presentation is everything after all, and your devices should parallel your sharp business style. 

Multitasking comes with the territory, and the last thing you want is a laptop that lets you down as you are sealing that star deal. For that, you’ve got options: two- or four-cell battery models. The standard all-day configuration provides up to 14 hours of seamless performance, and the optional extended life configuration goes up to 24 hours. Has your laptop just died on you with a presentation just 30 minutes away? You’ll be glad to know that both models are rechargeable up to 50% in only 30 minutes, thanks to HP’s Fast Charge technology. 

Mobility, adaptability, durability, style and peak performance. The Elite Dragonfly G1 is the answer to every business laptop concern.