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5 ways the right laptop can drive business success

Laptops can play a decisive role in the day-to-day performance and efficiency of a business executive. The HP Elite Dragonfly was designed to optimize this role.

Weight is a decisive aspect to take into account when picking a business laptop A business laptop should be resistant, powerful and present well. Combining the three is an absolute must Versatility is key in today’s business environment. A laptop should be usable in various ways and for various functions

In a business environment increasingly driven by mobility, efficiency and speed, the battle for laptop domination is raging on. Naturally, laptops have long allowed business executives to work while on the go; but new generations of products now offer unparalleled levels of performance, adaptability and durability that allow them to become more than simple tools to turn into success drivers. To the point that, today, being equipped with the right product can in fact enable its owner to become a better leader. The HP Elite Dragonfly laptop, part of HP’s Elitebook series, was designed with the exact objective of empowering business leaders in multiple ways.

1. Lightness for mobility 

For frequent business travelers who need to stay connected while on the move, a laptop’s weight is a major consideration – bulky laptops can easily become more of a hindrance than an asset.

Weighing under 1kg, the HP Elite Dragonfly is the brand’s lightest laptop to date and can be carried with one hand. HP achieved this feat by using a magnesium alloy instead of aluminum.

2. Durability and good looks

A laptop should intrinsically be able to resist the bumps and knocks that could potentially come with the many trips businesspeople have to make. 

The HP Elite Dragonfly’s magnesium alloy meets military standards, ensuring that both its operating components and its more cosmetic elements remain unscathed.

Indeed, durability is important not to only protect the hardware and ensure its longevity, but also to maintain the good appearance of the exterior. When facing clients, presentation matters. 

Scratch-resistant material ensures that the laptop keeps looking neat, while its all-new deep blue shade – selected by HP based on the insight that blue is the most trusted color in the world – helps it stand out from the grey and black crowd. Its diamond cut accents, 13.3-inch screen and impressive 85.8% screen-to-body ratio are other features of its unique design.

3. Powerful performance

Most business executives store the entirety of their work on their laptop. So, for them, to be able to access this material quickly, constantly and reliably is indeed an absolute necessity. That is why, although they are expected to weigh close to nothing, business laptops must now pack as much guts as a regular desktop.

Equipped with an Intel® Core™ i7 vPro® processor, the HP Elite Dragonfly is fast and powerful, while boasting a massive storage capacity of up to 2TB, with 16GB of RAM. 

HP’s newest laptop also answers the need for a device that doesn’t risk shutting down prematurely and doesn’t require hours of charging before it can be powered up again. It comes with two- or four-cell battery options – the standard all-day configuration provides up to 14 hours, or optional extended life configuration goes up to 24 hours – that are rechargeable up to 50% in only 30 minutes, thanks to HP’s Fast Charge technology. 

Similarly, HP recognized the business need for optimized connectivity, whether on the go or in the office. The HP Elite Dragonfly is fitted with a generous array of ports (two USB C with Thunderbolt 3, a full-sized HDMI, one USB-A and a headphone jack) and can either connect through the recently launched Wi-Fi 6 or its optional integrated gigabit-class 4G LTE wireless broadband module.

4. Adaptability and versatility 

Laptops are no longer used only for individual usage – storing data, keeping files or simply working on your own. Today, they are also used for brainstorming, presentations and more. Using a versatile laptop that can adapt to various business settings can therefore prove very beneficial.

Addressing this particular need, the HP Elite Dragonfly was designed so that it can be used in four different ways: as a regular laptop; as a tablet to take quick notes; as a tent to share content; or as a display to present or watch material – even on your own when you want to enjoy some downtime and relax.

5. Privacy and security

In this day and age more than ever, ensuring that sensitive information is safe whether in the office or while traveling, is a major business concern. The HP Elite Dragonfly provides several ways to guarantee your peace of mind. 

For enhanced security, it offers up to three authentication methods, including facial recognition and a fingerprint sensor on its palm rest.

In terms of privacy, the HP Elite Dragonfly uses HP’s own Sure View Gen3 technology, that digitally limits the display’s viewing angle and prevents unwanted onlookers from seeing what’s on the screen. 

Moreover, its 3.5mm Windows Hello-enabled camera, hidden in the top bezel, comes with an integrated webcam blocker – a mechanical shutter that can slide over the webcam.

The HP Elite Dragonfly will go on sale by end-November at HP leading partners in the Middle East, with prices starting at AED 5,499 including VAT.