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Huawei is making noise with Mate 10, but does it have what it takes?

Unless you are a diehard mobile brand follower, it’s becoming increasingly difficult these days to decide which phone to buy having such a wide variety of smart devices available in the market nowadays.

People tend to go for the two most popular smartphones Apple and Samsung which are heavily branded but equally very highly priced.

Rare are those who dare to break into the highly competitive digital communication field out of fear of being simply deleted.

Huawei has thrown down the gauntlet. It accepted the challenge and has lately made a splash proudly introducing in this fierce market its Mate 10, both globally and regionally.

Is it serious?

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Specs to watch

 The phone has a huge display area for video streaming (154.2 x 74.5 mm), a smart camera, a long battery life and a good price ($625) compared to others on the market.

Also, Nokia 2, rising from the ashes phoenix-like, was recently launched to offer consumers two-day battery life, a 5 inch high quality display with the pure, secure and up to date Android experience for only $95.

But are any of those specs enough for people to make the switch?

It may be!

Here are six factors consumers look for when buying a smartphone:

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1. Brand Name

Computerworld,a platform offering tech guidance, asked four smartphone analysts to predict what design and features matter the most to U.S. buyers of high-end smartphones. There was general agreement that the brand name matters greatly, followed by the size of the display and resolution, body design, processor speed and battery life.

It said: “It’s fairly easy to see why a returning smartphone buyer would stick with the same brand, or at least the same OS: easy access to the same apps.”

It added that Apple and even Samsung buyers are loyal and it takes something revolutionary that other phones don’t have to get people to switch.

2. Battery Life

According to Phone Arena, a platform for mobiles reviews, battery life is the number one feature (number 2 on our list) that buyers look at whether they buy an Android, iOS or Android phone. “56 per cent of those buying an Android flavored handset said that battery life was important to them, something repeated by 49 per cent of iOS buyers and 53 per cent of Window Phone purchasers.

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3. A huge display

The size and resolution of display depends on how you use your smartphone. If consumers often stream videos, edit photos or videos, or download and view movies, then a smartphone display ranging from 5.5-inch to 6-inch, full-HD or QHD resolution should be good enough for them, says gadgets now, a platform for tech reviews.

4. Camera

According to Gadgets reviews, another platform for tech reviews, choosing the right camera phone is becoming increasingly important because more people ditch their point-shoot cameras in favor of smartphones to take photos

5. Processor

An Expert on mobiles from Gadget Garrio says that importance of processor and RAM in a mobile phone is equally considered vital by many.
Heavy users who need to edit images/videos/documents online, play heavy games, stream videos or often use apps in split screen mode, will make a good use of smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820/821.

6. Storage

Gadgets now says that a large part of the smartphone’s storage is taken away from the OS and the apps the device comes pre-installed with.
A 16GB/32GB/64GB or more don’t really come with exact mentioned space.  Users who like to keep larger number of apps can go for 64GB or 128GB variants.