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Huawei outlines smart cities commitment at COMEX 2015

Huawei to also demonstrate how cloud & big data soutions can transform healthcare sector in Oman.

As information and communications technologies take center stage this week at COMEX 2015, Huawei—a global ICT solutions provider – is set to demonstrate how the development of Mobile Broadband Networks can help transform Oman into a Smart City.

In a recent collaboration with IDC, Huawei launched a joint White Paper, which revealed that the development of LTE (4G) Mobile Broadband Networks create a solid foundation for enabling Smart Cities. Huawei believes that mobile broadband holds the promise for cities of the future to meet the growing need for pervasive connectivity, high performance, resilience and reliability.

At the Omani ICT event, Huawei will also highlight its strong alliances with Omani telecom operators, helping them to develop the Sultanate’s LTE (4G) Mobile Broadband infrastructure, which is poised to increase internet speeds and allow its citizens to become better connected. This network will provide an enhanced mobile-broadband experience to their customers, offering higher data speeds and faster access to a range of innovative multi-media applications, as well as more responsive data services.

Du Yuzhou, Managing Director of Enterprise Business, Huawei Oman said: “The region is becoming increasingly city-centric and we believe that the cities of the future will need to become more intelligent through connected infrastructure that can positively transform the way in which citizens and businesses experience the world. Oman is a country with a strong vision in developing Smart City infrastructure and understands the power that ubiquitous mobile broadband can offer the nation. COMEX is a great open platform for the Sultanate to showcase how this vision is progressing and for Huawei to re-iterate our commitment to helping offer better connected services to the citizens of Oman.”

Huawei maintains that as citizens realize the benefits of fast and reliable mobile connectivity, cities will increasingly rely on mobile broadband as a key enabler of Smart City services in many areas; from government to transportation, utilities, education and healthcare.

As part of its vision to show how ICT can help address citizen services at COMEX, Huawei is demonstrating how its cloud and big data solutions can help transform the Healthcare sector in a keynote speech.

Huawei’s ‘Healthcare ICT Transformation & Big Data’ keynote will address how new emerging technologies can offer increased efficiencies and patient services to healthcare organizations.

Huawei will also showcase its range of Video conference, mobile CCTV surveillance and LTE (4G) Rapid Response solutions for emergency services as part of its Public Safety technology portfolio. In addition, Huawei will also be demonstrating its range of tailored rail technology and communications solutions including its GSM-R, e-LTE (4G), Transmission Networking, IP Networking and data center solutions, which can help build a better connected railway for operators in Oman.

Huawei has been playing an active role in Oman since establishing its presence over a decade ago to build the countries backbone network. Since then, Huawei has established itself as a trusted ICT vendor offering widespread connectivity over a variety of platforms starting with fixed lines to the establishment of mobile broadband networks such as the recent LTE (4G) technology deployments for Omani telecom operators.

All of Huawei’s latest solutions and products can be found at COMEX 2015 on stand 189 at the Oman International Exhibition Centre in Muscat.