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Huawei to showcase at GITEX Technology Week 2015

Innovative portfolio of end-to-end IoT solutions to create more connected infrastructures that improve quality of life to citizens and businesses

As society continues to bridge the digital divide through the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), Cities across the Middle East have continued to become more intelligent through connected infrastructure.

With its Smart Cities and IoT expertise rooted in the development of innovative ICT infrastructure, Huawei has announced a full program of activities at this year’s GITEX Technology week, showcasing how its end-to-end product and services portfolio can help create a better-connected world for citizens.

A lineup of regional and global Huawei experts will descend for the technology exhibition to share insights about how the development of the Internet of Things and Smarter Cities will prove fundamental to improving the quality of life of citizens and businesses in the Middle East in the decade ahead.

Visitors at GITEX 2015 will also have the opportunity to preview Huawei’s latest technology innovations in the domain of IoT, cloud computing, mobility, Software-defined networking, LTE and the future of 5G connectivity. Huawei will showcase its solutions across its three core business lines serving telecom operators, enterprise & government entities throughout the region.

“The boundaries of the Internet of Things are quickly expanding and our world is transforming with the development of smart and safe city technology. Within the Middle East cities are already becoming more intelligent and connected, changing the way that its citizens and enterprises interact. This year at GITEX, Huawei will be focusing on the power of the Internet of Things and highlighting the endless possibilities of creating open, flexible and pervasive technology”, commented Mr. Charles Yang, President of Huawei Middle East. “During GITEX 2015, we also look forward to further strengthening our relationship with top regulators, channel partners, service providers and customers from around the globe as technology innovations continue to help drive businesses’ bottom lines.”

GITEX 2015 Exhibition Highlights
Businesses across the Middle East are increasingly demanding more converged and agile technology solutions that can enable flexible, reliable and secure systems. Huawei’s leading global and regional experts will highlight key trends that are driving its innovative ICT solutions in the Middle East such as the Convergence in Cloud, Safer City Networks, Agile Service Connections and Smart IoT solutions based on 4.5G and Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies.

As part of Huawei’s strategy to drive the enterprise market, the ICT vendor will unveil a series of new additions to its solutions portfolio, coupled with live demonstrations and interactive case studies offering strategic guidance to governments and businesses on how to approach developing an IoT wide infrastructure.

During the exhibition Huawei will be featuring a range of its ICT innovations including its Software-Defined Agile solutions, Agile Campus Networks, Agile IoT applications, Service-Driven Distributed Cloud Data Center (SD-DC2), eLTE critical communications solutions and its range of Unified Communications and Convergence technologies such as its Ultra-HD video conference products, alongside many others.

Huawei will also preview how its integrated portfolio of vertical industry solutions can be used to create a competitive business advantage in the fields of Oil & Gas, Transportation, Government, Hospitality, Education and Healthcare and Banking.

Huawei’s heritage in developing mobile broadband technologies within the ICT market enables it as an ideal partner for the advancement of IoT infrastructure and building better-connected cities. In particular, the company will showcase advancements in ultra-broadband network technologies such as fiber optics, LTE-Advanced, and 5th Generation mobile broadband, which together provide the foundation for fast and universal access to high-speed broadband services.

With an unparalleled heritage in ICT research & development, an end-to-end portfolio of technology solutions and experience in delivering projects across the Middle East, Huawei is ideally placed to make the Middle East cities of tomorrow a reality.

All of Huawei’s latest solutions and products can be found in the GULFCOMMS sector in Zabeel Hall ZE20.