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IKCO boost export to international markets

The first category includes Iraq, Syria, North Africa, Commonwealth countries and Venezuela.

Iran Khodro Industrial Group has exported over 6,000 vehicles to the international markets in the first half of the current Persian Calendar year surpassing the car manufacturer’s export record throughout last year.

IKCO’s Deputy for Export and International Department, Saeed Tafazzoli said the largest part of Iran Khodro’s export in 1394 has gone to Iraq due to the advantage of long-time presence of our company in the neighboring country.

“During the first half of 1394, our export grew up considerably in comparison with the previous year. About 2 percent of our production have been exported in the current year,” he said.

He referred to the production of IKCO’s sites in foreign countries saying: “Our main foreign site is located in Iraq operating at full capacity. Other foreign sites are also operating regularly in Venezuela and Senegal.”

Tafazzoli also noted that IKCO’s after-sales services have been expanded in target counties in proportion with its growing export adding :”The largest after-sales services networks are in Iraq, Russia and Syria which have largely imported IKCO’s vehicles. Meanwhile, about 150 active dealers are offering IKCO’s services in the international markets.”

Referring to the high standards of the international markets for importing vehicles, he added:” Iran Khodro’s products have already enjoyed Euro4 but since the company’s main target market is commonwealth countries, we are seeking to gain Euro5 for our products.”

Touching upon the next goals of the products export, he said: “Our research have led us to divide the global markets into the three categories of current, potential and destitute markets.”

The first category includes Iraq, Syria, North Africa, Commonwealth countries and Venezuela. The second market are found in eastern Europe with Euro4 standards, Senegal, Latin American countries and the third category is consisted of Persian Gulf countries, Turkey, East Asian and African countries,” he said.