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IKCO production upped by 178%

Iran Khodro Industrial Group produced 120,012 sets of passenger cars and pickups in the first three months of this Iranian year i.e. Mar 21 to Jun 21 2014, showing 178% increase compared to the same period last year.

The vehicles produced in this period are as follows: 28588 sets of Pars, 21531 sets of Samand, 21318 sets of Peugeot 405, 17775 sets of Peugeot 206, 7704 sets of Runna, 3778 sets of Renault Tondar and 35 sets of Dena, which are all passenger cars plus 19283 sets of Bardo pickup.

Last year IKCO produced 43204 sets of passenger cars and pickups which were 76808 sets shy of the production in this year’s spring. The company’s daily production has also reached 2200 sets that is supposed to accelerate to 2500 sets soon.

In the meantime, IKCO has set to roll out 600 thousand sets of cars by the end of this year. IKCO could produce 365,090 sets of cars last year and 444,000 sets the year before that.