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Implementing home energy efficiency upgrades to significantly save electricity

As part of its ongoing efforts to promote energy efficiency and increase awareness of electricity conservation best practices, the Powerwise office, part of Abu Dhabi’s Regulation and Supervision Bureau (the Bureau), rolled out its Powerwise Home Makeover Project (PHMP). The project, being conducted over 12 months in ten specially selected villas, was designed to measure energy savings achieved through home efficiency upgrades in Abu Dhabi households.

To date, early results of the project, which were announced at the International Water Summit 2015, indicate average energy savings of around 26% for a period of three months. These calculations, based on previous energy consumption and billed amounts, add up to approximately AED50,000 in money savings. Final results will be released when the project concludes mid-May.

Commenting on this, Ramiz Alaileh, Head of Powerwise said” The Powerwise Home Makeover project is one of a kind in UAE and the region where we have helped 10 households to assess and improve their electricity consumption. Awareness and understanding is the first step we take towards conservation and this project has allowed us to do so.”

In this project Powerwise selected ten villas from gated communities in Abu Dhabi, conducted detailed energy audits and provided energy-efficiency upgrades to these villas while constantly monitoring and studying the impact on electricity consumption.

“Early findings are very promising but the project’s final results and data will provide valuable information about the effectiveness of efficiency measures that could be implemented throughout the Emirate. The data collected will help us and other Abu Dhabi entities provide better programmes, initiatives and incentives to improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption on larger scales,” added Alaileh.

The project is set to benefit its participants, as all upgrades were provided at no cost and will enable current and long-term savings paying back the investment and provide savings even beyond.

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