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Internet users make up 88 per cent of UAE’s population

Emirates and Bahrain are only two Arab countries to make it on WEF’s top ten list

The United Arab Emirates now ranks tenth on a global listing of top world countries in terms of number of internet users compared with the total population, a new report reveals.

Nearly 88 per cent of the UAE’s citizens are internet users, just ahead of developed world countries such as the United States of America, Germany, Japan, Canada and France, and other countries that have advanced online networking infrastructure.

According to the report by the World Economic Forum, the UAE and Bahrain are the only two Arab countries to make it in the top-ten list along with European countries, Al-Iqtisadi reports.

Iceland topped the list with approximately 96.5 of its population using the internet while Norway, Sweden and Denmark followed suit.

Furthermore, the report placed the United Arab Emirates as the top Arab country in terms of investment in national human resources.

Finland topped that list, which used the education and training provided by governments to their citizens as criteria.

The report covered 143 countries and used criteria related to the use of information and communications technology and their contribution to economic development.