Complex Made Simple

Introducing 3 Hospitality

20 years of passionate F&B experience and strategic vision for the hospitality sector

Newly launched 3 Hospitality is set to provide a passionate, forward-thinking F&B consulting service dedicated to providing clients and customers with a genuine and bespoke service from start to finish.

Offering strategic and innovative counsel in hospitality as well as restaurant operations, 3 Hospitality will strive to exceed client, investor and market desires.

The company’s F&B brand passion which, stems from 20 years’ industry experience will enable 3 Hospitality to turn concepts and branding into a reality, where client’s ideas will be developed and perfected as a seamless restaurant identity to enter both the UAE and global market.

As well as specialising in restaurant and hotel launches, 3 Hospitality will also oversee turnaround for financially troubled establishments. Via extensive analysis and auditing, the expert team will identify strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant concerned so that problems may be resolved and strategic objectives met.

The first concept developed by 3 Hospitality (opening January 2016) in the iconic Dubai Design District will be the ethno-chic restaurant – Craft Café. Providing only hearty, healthy, soulful food on its menu, packaged with passion, Craft Café will offer customers items to complement an active and healthy lifestyle.

The ethos behind Craft Café is to provide a welcoming, earthy space where each element has been passionately selected by the team.  The dishes will be sourced and prepared with care and the ambiance will have a friendly, collective vibe for all to enjoy.

3 Hospitality’s core team of expertise consists of co-founders Domenico Iannone and Roberto Segura, two food connoisseurs from Italian and Peruvian background committed to providing an authentic restaurant experience.

3 Hospitality co-founder, Domenico Iannone comments: “It is a hugely exciting time for Dubai for the F&B industry and we are thrilled to be a part of it by offering a strategic and passionate approach.

“Given our team that is made up of passionate industry experts, with a background of 20+ years experience, we hope to enjoy early successes.

“The launch of Craft Café at Dubai Design District in early 2016 will offer something unique and interesting to this creative hub. Our values of providing a forward thinking and genuine experience dedicated to our customers, is something we can’t wait to share.”