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iPhone X: Price tag could place it out of reach

Niall McCarthy, a data journalist, recently examined the major downside of Apple’s landmark iPhone X – its price tag.

The device is the most expensive iPhone ever, costing a whopping $999 (AED3,666) for the 64GB version and $1,149 (AED4,216) for the 256GB version in the United States.

“With a certain degree of justification, some Apple fans feel that price is just out of reach,” said McCarthy.

“Just to put things in context: you could purchase a brand new MacBook Air for less than the cost of the cheapest iPhone X,” he added.

American iPhone users are entitled to voice their frustrations, but customers in other countries will need even deeper pockets.

iPhone X costs globally

According to Business Insider, Russians will need to fork over RUB79,990 or $1,390.30 (AED5,102) for an iPhone X.

“That’s noticeably more expensive than the US price and that trend is evident in many other countries,” said McCarthy.

In the UK, the device costs 32 per cent more than in the US, while across the European Union, people will have to pay a hefty $1,376.61 (AED5,049) for the new handset.

Canadians will have a far better deal, having to pay roughly $20 (AED73.4) more than their neighbours across the border.



iPhone X gets the vote

When the iPhone X was launched September 12, it was the iPhone 7 successor, the iPhone 8, that should have grabbed the headlines.

CEO Tim Cook took everyone by surprise with the iPhone X announcement.

According to a survey by 9to5Mac, respondents and website users, who were asked which of the new products they plan to buy, overwhelmingly said they wanted the iPhone X.

The site published results on launch day and found 63 per cent of voters selected the iPhone X as being the thing they were most excited for in that event.

Distantly following that were the Apple Watch Series 3, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus at 5 per cent.