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Iran eyes exporting gas to Europe

“No barriers to increased sale of gas to Turkey”

Iran is looking to export its gas to Europe via Turkish territory, reports Turkish news agency, Anadolu Agency.

The agency quoted Javad Amin Mansour, the director of Department of Trade Negotiations and Energy –Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as saying: “There is a potential to transfer Iran’s natural gas to Europe through Turkish territory.”

Mansour said his country, after the lifting of economic sanctions, is considering offering its gas in the European markets and the possibility of transferring it there through Turkish territory.

The Iranian official stressed that his country does not have any objection in selling increased gas volumes to Turkey.

Commenting on the reduction of Iran’s exports to Turkey, Mansour said, “The reason for the reduction is due to increase in domestic consumption, driven by poor weather conditions the country witnessed recently.”

He added: “I believe there are no barriers to increasing the sale of gas to Turkey,” adding that Iran ranks second globally in terms of gas reserves.