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Iraq exports three million barrels of oil per day

Ministry opens three giant oil reservoirs in Al-Faw oil depot

The Iraqi Oil Ministry announced that Iraq’s oil exports exceeded three million barrels after the inauguration of the new Basra Heavy crude blend in June, reports Saudi-based Al-Hayat.

The oil-rich nation introduced a new grade of crude after international complaints about the quality of its oil.

The ministry issued a statement saying that it is currently exporting nearly 3m barrels per day through its oil ports.

This includes the quantities produced in the field of Dhi Qar and Maysan provinces, increasing the country’s production to more than 3.5m barrels per day.

Iraq exports 3m barrels per day and consumes the rest domestically.

The statement points out that the new Basra Heavy crude blend inaugurated by the ministry is the first of its kind in the South Oil Company, which will pump 850,000 barrels of heavy oil per day to the southern ports and increase the number gradually.

The ministry also opened three giant reservoirs of oil in the Al-Faw oil depot, South Basra.