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Iraq’s ports receive 1,185 maritime units

Ministry of Transportation has incorporated more than IQD75 billion in extra revenues into country’s treasury

Iraq’s Ministry of Transportation announced recently that Iraqi ports have received more than 1,000 various maritime units during the first half of the year and more than eight million tons of cargo, Iraq-based Al Mada Press reports.

The Ministry of Transportation says in a statement that the “number of maritime units received by Iraqi trade ports in the six months from January until June 2015 reached 1,185 maritime units, commercial vessels, fuel tankers and trailer units”.

The Ministry adds that “Iraqi ports handled 8,416,984 tons including containers, wheat, sugar, rice, equipment and vehicles, iron, wood, and cement and construction materials, pipes and goods.”

The Ministry of Transportation announced on September26, 2015, that it has incorporated more than IQD75 billion in extra revenues into Iraq’s treasury.

Baqir Al-Zubaidi, Iraq’s Minister of Transportation, revealed on February 10, 2015, that Iraq is planning to get long-term soft loans to solve its financial crisis.

He adds that the General Company for Ports of Iraq achieved a 60 per cent increase in revenues during the past three months.

(IQD1= $ 0.000861430, at the time of publishing)