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ixtel launches proactive security intelligence platform at GISEC 2015

Ixtel secures enterprise networks for organizations across multiple verticals around the GCC.

ixtel a leader in managed security services today unveiled a host of new capabilities and services on proactive security intelligence addressing the security management challenge with operational device management, continuous compliance and risk analysis.

Ixtel secures enterprise networks for organizations across multiple verticals around the GCC. Ixtel takes a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, from the detection and prevention of network threats, intrusions and disruptions, to ensuring customers have the information, tools and resources they need to block, deflect and effectively manage IT risk.

The Security Intelligence Platform enables large organizations to identify, mitigate and remediate exposed vulnerabilities while continuously improving defences. Unlike reactive solutions that analyse historic events or conditions, empowers organizations to understand and address network security configuration, policy and risk exposure in real-time.

“With the Proactive Security Intelligence Platform, ixtel will enable customer’s real-time visibility into network security infrastructure, policy effectiveness and underlying IT risk, arming organizations with actionable information to strengthen their overall security posture”, said Mehdi Quraishi, Chief Executive Officer at ixtel.

Built around a patented analysis engine offering unrivalled scalability, a distributed, high-performance data collection architecture and dynamic policy behaviour normalization, Proactive Security Intelligence Platform allows consistent analysis of real-world, multivendor environments.

The integrated Risk Analyzer module leverages a patented risk analysis engine that applies Security Manager’s visibility into network configuration to identify underlying IT risks. The complementary Policy Optimizer module is the first solution to automate the typically manual, fragmented process of network security device policy review and rules recertification.

Proactive Security Intelligence Platform provides IT security professionals and business with the ability to identify critical exposures to their infrastructure and – for the first time – link them to the actual risk to the business.

“At Ixtel we deliver a comprehensive line-up of networking and cybersecurity solutions tailored to meet its customers’ network and security needs, combining best-in-breed products from top security manufacturers with expert consulting, technical support and training from UAE-based security engineers,” said Rashid Al Shamsi, Chairman at ixtel.