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Jahra Road Development Project welcomes civil engineering students from UK

Two weeks of site visits, lectures & demonstrations

In line with its commitment to the local community, the Ministry of Public Works organised a two week long program for Kuwaiti civil engineering students studying in the United Kingdom.

The program focused on the Jahra Road Development Project, one of the largest infrastructure projects in Kuwait aimed at transforming the existing roads into multi-level highways.

Engineer Ahmad Al-Hassan, the Assistant Undersecretary for Road Engineering Affairs at the Ministry of Public Works commented: “We are always keen to welcome students and familiarize them with the Ministry’s different projects. It gives us a chance to meet the future engineers of this country, educate them about the road projects we are currently undertaking, and give them valuable first-hand on-site experience. Opportunities like this place the students at the project site and out of the classroom, giving them the chance to ask highly technical questions that are answered with live demonstrations and explanations.”

The schedule included daily site visits to the different phases and unique points of the project, such as the trough and roundabout bridge located on the 2nd ring road. Students were able to see the extensive upgrade work done on the utilities and visit the pre-cast yard in the Doha area, where segments of the bridge are pre-fabricated and breaking points of the concrete are tested. Lectures were conducted by the engineers on and off site; the topics included safety, structure, planning, design and implementation.

“Throughout this program, the students have been exposed to a number of different aspects of the project, and have been able to directly engage and interact with the specialized engineers involved in this project. The students leave here with a greater understanding of the work that takes place on site, as well as a deeper knowledge of Kuwait’s infrastructure projects,” added Yasser Boudastour, Project Engineer at the Jahra Road Development Project.

This mega project is one of the largest elevated road projects in the world. It involves the construction of 17.7 km of segmental viaducts (7.3 km of mainline Jahra Road, 2.4 km of link roads and 8.0 km of ramps), 0.62 km of depressed road, 2 roundabout bridges and 10 pedestrian bridges. The at-grade road works include 3.4 km of mainline Jahra Road, 1.0 km of link roads and 15.1 km of service roads. The Jahra Road project also includes major utility works, such as 3.5 km of storm water box culverts, 33 km of water lines relocation, 8.0 km of sanitary sewer relocation, 51 km of electric cables relocation, and 12 km of communication ducts.