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Jannah to launch more hotels in UAE

Abu Dhabi-based Jannah Hotels and Resorts is planning to launch more apartment hotels in the UAE as part of an ongoing expansion programme, its CEO Nehme Imad Darwish said today.

In an interview to / / news website in Abu Dhabi , He said the expansion is intended to match a steady growth in the UAE’s hospitality sector, adding that it would witness a boom due to the hosting of Expo 2020 in Dubai.

“There is a need for more apartment hotels in the UAE especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to meet an expected high growth ahead of EXPO…we have such plans and we have the experience and capabilities to manage more units,” he said.

He noted that there is a strong demand for hotel apartments in the UAE given their various facilities including spacious rooms, kitchens and many other services provided to guests at competitive prices compared with hotels.

Mr. Darwish urged investors to focus on the tourism sector given its growing role in the UAE’s economy, adding that there is a need for more tourism projects in the country.

His figures showed demand for hotel apartments would grow by 20-25 per cent annually in the next few years because of growing appetites by guests for such units.

“Through our participation in a hotel conference held in London recently, we found that hotel apartments will be the driving force in growth in the hospitality sector,” he said.

EXPO 2020

Mr. Darwish disclosed plans by Jannah to expand in the UAE, mainly in Dubai, with an intention to enter partnership agreements with other companies and businessmen wishing to set up hotel projects in the emirate.

He also revealed that Jannah group has signed agreements to manage four new hotels, including and Al Seef Resort by Andalus as well as two agreements with bin Rubahye company for the management of two hotels in Dubai Marina. He said negotiations with other firms are under way for the management of more hotels.

He said Jannah’s expansions through the UAE are part of a strategy by the group to boost business in the country and that it could focus on 10 hotels that could be made the most successful in the region.

New brands

Mr. Darwish said the group had launched three new brands targeting three types of guests, including Jannah, Andalus and Jannah Place .

He also disclosed plans to inaugurate the luxury Al Seef Resort shortly, adding that the resort would be managed by Andalus group and would mainly serve families from the UAE and other Gulf countries. He said the property comprises luxury apartments equipped with the latest facilities and it’s located in a beautiful area overlooking palm gardens and beaches.

“This resort is a new addition to the luxury tourism in Abu Dhabi – Al Seef Resort by Andalus and other hotel apartments are set to be the ideal choice for tourists and visitors in the near future.”

He said the new resort, located near a large shopping mall, comprises 213 suites and swimming pools, several restaurants and cafes, and a large sport centre.

Andalus village

Jannah group has recently unveiled a project involving an Andalusian village within Al Seef Resort by Andalus and it includes key Andalusian features in the heart of the Abu Dhabi desert.

The resort offers major opportunities to businessmen to set up branches for their companies and includes 22 retail outlets

Jannah aims to provide the guests and visitors with a chance to enjoy shopping at the various outlets inside the Andalusian village as the shops have a large area, exceeding 64 square metres plus a 21-square-metre outdoor space.