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Jeddah InterContinental Hotel embraces green technology with Samsung Electronics

Jeddah InterContinental Hotel is today a proud green technology player as it introduces green technology into its daily operations with aim to preserve energy, protect the environment, reduce costs and increase productivity by redesigning their database and installing new eco-energetic green technology devices offered by Samsung Electronics.

Mr. Abdulrahman AlZahrani, Director of Sales & Marketing at Jeddah InterContinental Hotel said: “We no longer need to use papers or pens in our daily work. By using Samsung’s Note tablets, taking notes and recording video conferences has never been easier and responsible towards the environment. We’ve also opted for rubber-coated wires to link our conference rooms to cut on tape. In addition to that, our meeting rooms have been equipped with motion sensors to automatically dim down lights when detecting absence in the room.”

To highlight the importance of embedding green technologies in a working environment, Jae Cheon Park, General Manager of Samsung in Saudi added that: “the concept of green technology emerged as an eco-friendly technical solution which can limit carbon emissions and global warming. To implement this concept, Samsung Electronics provided technical products as considerate solutions of their ecological footprint, by reducing costs and limiting energy sources to the best utilization methods.” He also pointed out that: “this direction not only drives positive behavior within Samsung but also respects our partners’ wishes to preserve a sound environment, and have adhered to the growing importance of eco-friendly products and green technology. Samsung is constantly seeking new innovations to meet these conditions.”

Samsung products are free of materials harmful to the environment and consume less energy thanks to its backlight LED technology screens. Not to mention that many specific weight, size and firm design specifications can be included among its eco-friendly list of benefits.

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Hussein Nasrallah
Senior Media Relations Manager, Memac Ogilvy