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Jet fuel consumption in Egypt at 1 million tonnes per year

The rest of the fuel – 200,000 tonnes – will be exported

Hamdi Abdel Aziz, the Ministry of Petroleum’s official spokesman, stressed that Egypt’s annual production of jet fuel amounted 1.00025 million tonnes, explaining that the local consumption of it for aircrafts amounted 1m tonnes.

He adds that the rest of the fuel, which amounts to approximately 200,000 tonnes, will be exported, Aliqtisadi reports.

The spokesman adds in a press statement that the export shipments will be two shipments each month, which is equivalent to 24 shipments annually.

He pointed out that as a result of maintenance work in the Midor plant, which produces 70 per cent of jet fuel, the Petroleum Ministry imported a temporary shipment only for occasional reasons.

It is mentioned that the expansion project for the Midor plant aimed to increase the current output capacity by more than 60 per cent, to rise from 3m barrels per month to 4.8m barrels a month.

This in turn will lead to an increase in the amounts of the main petroleum products of gasoline, octane, diesel, LPG and jet fuel, in addition to coal and sulphur, and will contribute to providing the needs of the domestic market of these products.