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June 2013 compared to June 2014: Egypt sees a 2.3% increase in Saudi tourists

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Tourism Authority have announced a comparative increase in the number tourists visiting from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the month of June. 34,426 tourists visited Egypt from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in June 2013. This June saw 35,210 visitors from the Kingdom constituting a 2.3% increase.

Much of the increase in tourist numbers from the Kingdom and from across the region has been attributed to the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Tourism Authority’s Wahashtona campaign. The campaign was created to boost tourism to Egypt from Arab markets and includes competitive packages and special offers targeting tourists from across the GCC.

The increased tourism rates to Egypt’s touristic destinations:
The South Sinai and Red Sea Governorates are home to Egypt’s top two destinations: Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. Combined, both destinations accounted for 76% of tourists visiting the country in June 2014, with visitors attracted to their temperate climate, golden beaches, diving and sea sports, as well as leisure and recreation activities.

June 2014 also recorded increased tourism to other destinations including Cairo, Aswan and Alexandria. Cairo saw 11% increase in visitors, while Aswan and Alexandria recorded 18% and 24% increases in inbound tourism respectively.

Tourism numbers are expected to continue to increase as a result of Wahashtona’s competitive offers – which start from $400 (including airline ticket and three-night residency) – and the nation’s continued stability and security.