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KIA Aljabr concludes its 2016 car lineup test-drive season successfully

The company is keen on organizing this event to share the cars' great features

Aljabr Motors, KIA’s agent in the kingdom, concluded its 2016 car lineup test-drive which lasted six months and covered most of the kingdom’s regions making the cars available for the clients to experience their full potential, attractive designs and superb specifications.

These qualities make them the best choice for anyone searching for a modern car that meets all their needs along with high quality performance, beautiful aesthetics and elegant designs.

Mr. Mohammed bin Ibrahim Aljabr, general director of sales, clarified that the test drive event that Aljabr is keen on hosting periodically is to update clients in real-time on what’s new and noteworthy about KIA’s cars.

He said: “We have complete faith in KIA’s cars, they blend between modern specifications and high quality performances which demand to be driven for their qualities to be truly appreciated.”

He added “We were keen on going to the places in the city where people congregated and organize the right kind of atmosphere to host the events under the supervision of a specialized team from the company and provide all the latest vehicles to be test-driven by those interested and we have received great feedback, especially since the cars exceeded people’s expectations and wowed them with their unique characteristics and efficiency”.

He concluded with: “Aljabr offers its thanks to all the members of the team that supervised the event throughout the past five months. We assure our clients that this event will continue because we believe our cars have a lot to offer and will be a first choice for car buyers who experience Kia and see its potential firsthand”..